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    Maximizes Jeep comfort:Compass Side Step

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    The existence of Compass Side Step is a very convenient invention for jeeps.The Compass Side Step can help drivers and passengers to get into the jeep compartment more easily. It will be more convenient to pick up goods and check for repairs.

    This advantage is due to the body of the jeep is relatively high, which is due to the requirement of the cross-country capability of the jeep.Therefore, the Compass Side Step can greatly improve the jeep's comfort.

    The Compass Side Step have a step that drops a few inches below the pinch weld for easier cab access.What's more pleasant is that the Compass Side Step installation is very simple and will not impose any burden on you.A few simple steps can complete the operation.

    You just need to line up the board on the proper side of your truck,Install the included brackets and hardware.And Tighten everything down to finish the job.

    Are you interested in Compass Side Steps, or would you like to know something about Compass Side Steps? Contact us, JiuChi provides the best Compass Side Steps and we offer a variety of other options.

    Maximizes Jeep comfort:Compass Side Step

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