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    Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks

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    The Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks are must for a Jeep Renegade if you want to carry some luggage.Jeep Renegade is usually equipped with roof racks when it is sold.We need Renegade Cross Bars above the roof racks.

    The combination of Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks undoubtedly increases storage and transportation capacity.You don't have to pack all your luggage together anymore.

    On the other hand, with this combination of Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks, you can pack things you can't store in the trunk of your car, such as bicycles, canoes, canoes, etc.

    What is more gratifying is that the installation of the horizontal bar is very simple. Renegade Cross Bars can be fitted in minutes instead of hours since most of them use clamps to attach to the roof rails. You don’t even need tools to do it. 

    Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks

    There is a problem that you may overlook when choosing the Renegade Cross Bars. We believe that you will carefully consider the material and price and carefully choose the style, but you may not think about the noise problem of the crossbar.

    If the chosen Renegade Cross Bars is not suitable for your Jeep Renegade, it may whine as you drive.

    The best thing about Renegade Cross Bars with aerodynamic design is the lack of wind noise.

    You can choose Renegade Cross Bars with textured surface,that disturbs the airflow better than a smooth surface, greatly reducing wing noise.

    Or Renegade Cross Bars have WindDiffuser striping that cuts through the wind smoothly.

    Give full play to the role of Renegade Cross Bars and roof racks!

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