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    A Record of loading Compass Side Steps for my beloved jeep

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    This is a Record of loading Compass Side Steps for my beloved car.

    During the holidays, I like to drive out to play.

    After the last trip, I realized that it was much better to have Compass Side Steps, at least to get on and off the car expediently, and to prevent the dirt on shoes from being carried into the car on rainy days.

    So I installed this Compass Side Steps,and record the installation process.Please forgive me for my poor writing.

    A Record of loading Compass Side Steps for my beloved jeep

    Firstly, the lower parts were cleaned up and partially assembled.

    Clean up the accessories and start installing the bracket poles to see where the reserved holes in the bottom of the car are.

    It took about 20 minutes to fix three fixing brackets.

    Fix the Compass Side Steps on the bracket rod to find a position.

    The bracket pole in the middle of the previous installation is a bit long. After adjusting it, it is impossible to put it in place at one step. Sometimes it is necessary to try a few more times.

    In the final analysis, this is the spirit of those masters of modification.

    It's really convenient to install Compass Side Steps. 

    Old people and children are comfortable to get on and off the car, and the car looks more beautiful. There's no waste of my hard work. Ha-ha, life has to be strong, not blindly give up. 

    Thank you for reading!

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