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    Choose Compass Side Step or Compass Running Board?

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    Choose Compass Side Step or Compass Running Board?The Compass Side Steps are small and cute, and the Compass Running Boards are practical. That's a real annoyance.

    The appearance of Jeep Compass is by far the most successful small SUV in Jeep.If you like the versatile Grand Cherokee but don't have enough budget? So congratulations, now you have a choice. The cheaper Jeep Compass look roughly the same as Cherokee, but they are scaled down.

    For this reason, choosing a Compass Side Step is a good choice. A relatively small Compass Side Step is more in harmony with a small body size.

    Choose Compass Side Step or Compass Running Board?

    On the other hand, in the case of similar functions, the biggest difference between Compass Side Step or Compass Running Board lies in their functions.

    Compass Running Boards are flat, wide boards that run the length of your truck’s cab. They provide a wide and uniform stepping surface for the length of the board.These Compass Side Steps may look similar to a metal rung, or they may look like a shortened running board.

    Compass Side Steps are a great approach for people who just want a simple step into and out of their truck.Running boards are also very popular.Before you buy, you might as well take a look and try and choose the one you can adapt to.

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