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    2018 jeep compass Side Steps or compass running boards

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    Compass Side Steps or compass running boards, if you don't know about vehicle accessories of 2018 jeep compass, you are often confused when choosing, what is the difference between Compass Side Steps and compass running boards?

    Compass Side Step and compass running boards are both tools to help us get in and out of the jeep compass.The structure of compass Side Steps is relatively simple.The area of the running board is relatively larger.

    As far as the shape of both is concerned, the running board is longer and the length covers the whole body. The Side Step is smaller, simple, or just a small pedal.

    2018 jeep compass Side Steps or compass running boards

    Running boards were used on carriages as early as the 17th century, meaning this accessory actually predates the automobile. Nowadays running boards are one of the most popular, stylish, and practical upgrades for any Jeep, truck, or SUV.

    Compass Side Steps are now commonly used as an upgrade accessory for jeeps, trucks, and SUVs, providing a stepping area to assist with getting in and out of a vehicle. They can also play a role in protecting rocker panels and the bottom of truck doors when off roading.

    Your choice depends on the model of your jeep compass or your own needs. Of course, if you still have some questions about compass Side Step or compass running board, You can also read this article Product characteristics of jeep compass side steps.And also we'd like to answer them for you.

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