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    Power Electric tailgate Lift:automatic trunk opener and closer kit

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    Power Electric tailgate Lift is a very practical automatic trunk opener and closer kit.Power Electric tailgate Lift help you solve many problems. The most important thing is to help you when you can't open the trunk manually.

    Since Power Electric tailgate Lift can automatically open and close the trunk, there are many occasions where I can use it.

    When I carry a lot of things, I probably can't open the door of the trunk, but it's probably much easier to take the remote control out of my pocket.When my child wants to take the toys out of the trunk, I just sit at the door and open the trunk remotely.Worst of all, if I had some arm injuries and opened the trunk, it would hurt me too. The application of Power Electric tailgate Lift would really help me a lot.

    Power Electric tailgate Lift:automatic trunk opener and closer kit

    Product Features of Power Electric tailgate Lift:

    1.easy to install: remove the panel trim of car Trunk, connect module to the car with cable .

    2.applicability:original design, for the original car features seamless docking processing, communication through the CAN bus protocol, and the original car function is not affected.

    3.Good reliability: The electronic components used in this product are high-quality military products, wiring harness and plugs are made according to the original standard, through the electronic certification, 100% safe and reliable.

    Power Electric tailgate Lift is our high quality product.Free your hands and choose the Power Electric tailgate Lift!

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