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    Prepare Koleos Running Boards for your children

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    Koleos is a good SUV with large space, which adds Renault's unique design style and more humanistic design, and maintains Renault's consistent technology and safety standards.But it's a little difficult for a child to board the SUV.Prepare Koleos Running Boards for your children!

    The benefits of Koleos Running Boards are:

    (i) Perfect upgrade for your 4x4, giving it a 'top of the range' look with a great value for money cost price. 

    (ii) Better access to the roof.

    (iii) Easier to get in and out of the vehicle. 

    (iv) Can give some protection from other car doors or rouge rogue shopping trolleys.

    Prepare Koleos Running Boards for your children

    These Koleos Running Boards are ultra sturdy and an excellent item to help step up into and down out of your car. Made from solid aluminium with a non slip rubber topper and a chrome side bar trim which makes them look excellent. Supplied as a set of 2 (left side and right side) with fixing brackets and bolts for a safe, quality installation. They simply bolt on with no drilling or cutting required. They look great and offer excellent functionality, assisting entering and exiting the vehicle.

    Koleos Running Boards from Jiuchi will add style to your Vehicle whilst being practical addition to it. Increase value, customize and add style to your car with those high quality products. Providing help with getting to the car especially with larger Vans . Superb help and support for elder ones and children on board. Our side steps are easy to fit. Create a unique look of your car, stand out from the crowd.

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