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    Installation steps of side step For Hyundai Creta

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    The side step For Hyundai Creta is a good piece of equipment, if your elders and children have difficulty getting into your car.You may have learned The role of side step For Hyundai Creta before buying them.If you decide to equip your car with side steps , you may also want to know how to install it.

    Installation steps of side step For Hyundai Creta

    1.Check the brackets and screws(6 brack-est or 4 brackets)before installation.

    2.Remove the rubber sleeve of the screw hole of the original car.

    3.According to the size of the original car screw hole,put the corresponding T screw.

    4.Install the corresponding bracket(labeled on the bracket),screw the nut,but dont't tighten it completely.

    5.Install the front,middle,and rear brackets.(no middle bracket for 4 brackets).

    6.Unscrew the bottom nut of the pedal,slide the bottom screws at the bracket hole,and place the pedal on the bracket.

    7.Tighten all pedal bottoms and bracket nuts.

    8.Finally clean the trace during the installtion.

    Installation steps of side step For Hyundai Creta

    The side step For Hyundai Creta is made of brand new stainless steel plate gurantees excellent anti-heat,anti-acid,anti-salt,anti-corrosion,extending lifespan further.Rigorous quality's management system ensures more stable quality and more toughed structure.

    If you want to buy side step For Hyundai Creta, come to us.

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