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    Q and A about Power Electric tailgate Lift

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    Power Electric tailgate Lift is Changzhou Jiuchi's high quality product. In order to let you know more about it, we have sorted out some common problems.

    Q. Is this Power Electric tailgate Lift fits to all cars?

    A. Power Electric tailgate Lift is a general model for our tailgate lifts, it’s not a universal one fits to all cars. This power lift is specially designed for each car model, it came with unique decoder box and control buttons, you need to choose sub-model from the list. Check with us if your model is not in the list.

    Q. On my Mazda CX 5, the remote only has 2 bottons, one for open and one for close, how can i open the tail gate with this remote?

    A. You need to fast click open button three times.

    Q and A about Power Electric tailgate Lift

    Q. How to calibrate the remote key on my vehicle to your system

    A. There is no need to calibrate the remote key, it is ready for use once the power liftgate kit is installed(TL105 decode CANbus signal). You still use original remote control fob, operating as simple as long press (or press three times) open key to open or close the gate. To be precise, if your original remote has a rear door opening key, the operation is a 3 sec long press, if it is not available, the operation is click UNLOCK key three times.

    Q. Can I install Power Electric tailgate Lift by myself? How Long does it took to install the whole thing?

    A. Yes you can install Power Electric tailgate Lift by yourself, it does not require to modify original wires, usually takes 1-2 hours.

    Q. Is the Power Electric tailgate Lift system water proof in case of raining?

    A. Power Electric tailgate Lift system is water proof.

    These are the questions we often encounter about Power Electric tailgate Lift. Of course, if you have any other questions, please contact us, and we will provide you with a comprehensive answer.

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