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    Fix the Tabs on your Bumper Plastic Guard

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    As we all know, Bumper Plastic Guard is an important vehicle accessory.Sometimes we have small problems.A common problem on Bumper Plastic Guards is that the tabs that attach the bumper to the car get broken. You need to repair it, or it will affect your driving safety.

    In order to save costs, we will introduce you some techniques to solve the problem, if the damage of the Tabs on your Bumper Plastic Guard is not serious.

    Fix the Tabs on your Bumper Plastic Guard

    1.Clean the stains on the Bumper Plastic Guard with soapy water.This will assure all silicones are removed which will provide a quality repair.

    2.Friction Damage Zone with a 50 grit roloc disc.

    3.Using 80 grit by hand or 80 grit on a dual action sander, sand the repair area to assure all areas the adhesive will come in contact with is sanded. Do not apply adhesive on an un-sanded surface.

    4.In order to ensure the circulation of adhesives, small holes were drilled in the repair area by a 1/8 inch drill bit.

    5.Using compressed air, blow the repair area clean.

    6.Spray a light coat of adhesion promoter to the repair area. 

    7.Cut a piece of plastic from the package .Apply adhesive to the plastic, then lightly press the adhesive to the backside of the repair. 

    8.Wait until the label is completely hardened,remove plastic from around the tab and shape the tab using the 50 grit roloc disc, followed by 80 grit by hand or on a dual action sander.

    9.The last step is to drill the hole for the clip or bolt to go through to attach it to the vehicle.

    This is a little trick to save your Tabs on your Bumper Plastic Guard. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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