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    Bumper Plastic Guard or Bumper Steel Guard?

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    Bumper Plastic Guard is engineered to fit and shield your vehicle from scuffs, scratches and nicks.Sometimes you may wonder about the material.How about choosing a Bumper Steel Guard?In fact, it depends on where you will drive your car.

    For a vehicle that sees more of the rugged outdoors than the urban jungle, a steel bumper guard is the most suitable type. This type usually features steel pipes in a tubular design, providing the ultimate protection from bigger debris such as branches, animals on the road, and other obstacles that can scratch or ding your vehicle's front and rear bumpers.

    A Bumper Plastic Guard is best used on regular commuter cars since they're not bulky and can effectively protect your bumpers from scratches when driving on narrow streets and cramped parking lots.

    Bumper Plastic Guard or Bumper Steel Guard?

    Bumper Plastic Guard is made of High quality durable plastic ABS,and it is add quick, reliable, and affordable protection to your vehicle.In many details, our product looks much pretty than many others.

    Welcome to our website, we will offer the favorable price to dealers over the world. There still have many Bumper Plastic Guards showed in our website. Looking forward all dealers to contact us!

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