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    Product Brief of Koleos Running Board

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    The Renault Koleos is a mid size SUV .The Koleos was an addition to the Renault compact SUV market.

    Changzhou Jiuchi can produce Koleos Running Board.

    A Koleos Running Board is a narrow step fitted under the side doors of Koleos.

    Koleos Running Board aids entry, especially into high vehicles like Koleos.

    It is also used as a fashion statement on vehicles that would not otherwise require it.

    Koleos Running Board

    Features of Koleos Running Board :

    1.Rust Proof extruded aluminum base board

    The running boards are made from corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum to survive the test of time.

    2.Textured rubber step area

    The step area features a rubber surface to prevent sliding in wet weather conditions.

    3.Injection molded polymer end caps

    Each board is equipped with injection molded polymer end caps for a finished look.

    If you want to know more about the details of the Koleos Running Board, please visit our official website.

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