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    Product characteristics of Renegade Cross Bars

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    If you have a Jeep Renegade, you will be willing to drive it to travel.I would like to recommend equipment that will make your trip more enjoyable. This equipments are Renegade Cross Bars.

    This Renegade Cross Bars are very good.

    The Renegade Cross Bars are easy to install. It's completely removable.Can be used with other roof accessories such as bike rack, snow board, kayak, roof rack, etc.

    Product characteristics of Renegade Cross Bars

    Product characteristics of Renegade Cross Bars

    1.Easy to assemble & remove in minutes Material: lightweight aluminum, high strength.

    2.Rubber pads on bottom to prevent damaging car paint.

    3.Portable aftermarket cross bar roof rack system, Perfectly clamp on car window clamps, no drilling/cutting required.

    4.Large, multisport basket for roof rack, carry anything you don't want in your vehicle.

    5.Sturdy, weather-resistant, heavy-duty construction, black coating.

    6.Custom fairing to reduce wind noise and vibration.

    7.Basket can be locked to roof rack crossbars & straightbars with factory locking brackets.

    This Renegade Cross Bars can give you a pleasant holiday experience. Welcome to consult.

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