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    How much stuff can you load on Renegade Cross Bars?

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    The purpose of installing the Renegade Cross Bars is to expand the storage space of your vehicle. For this purpose, it may occur that you have too much luggage on your Renegade Cross Bars.

    On the one hand, the weight that the Renegade Cross Bars can bear is determined by the quality of the Renegade Cross Bars itself, on the other hand, traffic safety should also be considered, which is also the most important point.

    How much stuff can you load on Renegade Cross Bars?

    “Each vehicle will differ,” says AAA’s Tamra Johnson, “Which is why drivers should consult their vehicle’s driver manual to determine weight restrictions.”Thule, the popular Swedish purveyor of all kinds of car and bike racks, puts this simple equation on its website: “Maximum roof load = load rack weight + any fitted rack accessories + the weight of the load itself.”On average, most cars, trucks, and SUVs can carry only about 165 pounds. 

    Every year thousands of items fall off the roof of the car on the freeway, which is very troublesome for the owner of the goods and a major problem for traffic safety.When we use the Renegade Cross Bars, we need to tightly bundle our luggage and calculate the types of loads we can carry.

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